An exceptionally brilliant collection, alive and squirming with Turzillo’s genius. There is “Pigeon Drop” which begins with “A cat told me this story.”Among other favorites, “Bloodtide”—sad, beautifully told about a mother and her gift from the sea and “Bottle Babies” –a boy who literally grows up within a bottle, his little sister who communes with fairies. This assortment is a treasure trove of the weird and fantastical. A keeper!
— Marge Simon, Bram Stoker Award® winner

In Bonsai Babies:
• a man screws his wife after she has turned into a carnivorous dinosaur.
• a knight becomes a dragon's sex slave.
• the bandit-queen Phoolan Devi is reincarnated in a vindaloo.
• a child prodigy is trapped in the Mandelbrot set.
• a woman spurned after a mastectomy is revenged by a ghost with an electric drill.
• a baseball-playing squid two-times his human girlfriend.  
• a women bioengineered to be a regenerating crudité board enjoys the kielbassa of a man bioengineered to be an antipasto.

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