Delphine Dodd not only expands and illuminates the tragedy in the brilliant novel, “Knock Knock”, but also further proves Miskowski possesses that talent most enviable in a writer: she makes you *believe*.
— Simon Strantzas, author of NIGHTINGALE SONGS

Before the town had a name, people buried their dead on the mountainside. Now Mont des Morts exists only in memory, but its ghosts still haunt Delphine's family. First in a series of three novellas set in the world of Shirley Jackson Award nominated Knock Knock.

About author S.P. Miskowski

Spanning a period from shortly before World War One through to the early Seventies, this is a story of rural life in Washington state. But, while rich in realistic detail, it also uses storytelling and dreams to produce a sense of a world of strange and alarming mysteries lying just beyond our own and always ready to break through… There are scenes that may horrify the reader, but that is because it looks clear-sightedly, without rancour, at cruelty, selfishness and deceit. And there is as much beauty here as there is horror, thanks to the author’s finely-crafted prose
— David Longhorn, editor of Supernatural Tales
All the skills that made Miskowski’s novel such a success are equally evident in this story of magic and changing times.
— Peter Tennant, Black Static