With his laconic Californian abominations undulating by the unholy light of the mall, Ian Welke demonstrates why so many lost readers find the Cthulhu Mythos in adolescence... because it offers true comfort to those transforming into the most unspeakable of monsters, adult human beings. Not merely an ingenious Mythos mash-up, but perhaps the YA gateway to amorphous, mainstream insanity the prophets tried to warn us about.
— Cody Goodfellow, Author of Repo Shark and Strategies Against Nature

Something is wrong in Ridgemont. Evelyn MacIntire senses it. June 2017 will bring an end to more than the school year.

Parents and teachers have told her and her friends they have their whole lives ahead of them. After high school they can be anything they want to be. They’ve been told that they are special and unique. Turns out their “whole lives” might not last past the end of the school year. Reality is shifting. The powerful and wealthy in Ridgemont have more than money to play with. The Ridgemont Chamber of Commerce has their own end game. And for Evelyn and her friends, what should be a coming of age teen comedy is about to descend into madness and terror.

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