Gene O'Neill has seen over 140 of his stories and novellas published, several reprinted in France, Spain, and Russia. A few of his past stories have garnered Nebula and Stoker recommendations, including “Balance,” a short story Stoker finalist in 2007, and The Confessions of St. Zach, a Stoker finalist in the long fiction category in 2009. Doc Good's Traveling Show was a long fiction Stoker finalist in 2010 and Taste of Tenderloin won that year for collection after garnering a red-starred review at Publishers Weekly. In 2011 he had three Stoker finalists, including “Graffiti Sonata.” In 2012 The Blue Heron was a Stoker finalist and won for long fiction. Some of these stories have been collected in Ghost Spirits, Computers & World Machines, The Grand Struggle, In Dark Corners, Dance of the Blue Lady and The Hitchhiking Effect. He has seen five novels of his published. Upcoming in 2016 are the four TPBs in the Cal Wild Chronicles from Written Backwords Press. A novel, The White Plague and a novella collaboration with Chris Marrs, Entangled Soul are being read for placement.