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The real hauntings in Greg Chapman’s compelling, unnerving Hollow House don’t happen in the title structure, but in the finely-observed families surrounding it. This unusual, sometimes horrifying and sometimes tragic tale may well make you look at your own neighborhood in a whole new (dark) light. Highly recommended!
— Lisa Morton, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Castle of Los Angeles
A truly disturbing tale of horror and twisted minds. If you live on the same street as Hollow House - MOVE!
— Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Ghostwalkers and Patient Zero

No one in Willow Street pays it any notice, not the disgruntled Campbell family next door, not Alice Cowley and her suicidal daughter, or Mr. and Mrs. Markham down the road. Not even Darryl, the loner at number seventy, who is abnormal himself, thinks much about it. It is just the old Kemper House, forgotten and abandoned.

Until it makes itself known.

When the stench of death wafts from Kemper House through Willow Street, and comes to the attention of recent resident and newspaper reporter, Ben Traynor, it starts a chain of horrors that brings Kemper House's curse into their own homes and leads others direct to its door. Kemper House not only haunts its neighbours, it infects them with an evil that traverses time and reality itself.

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Hollow House by Greg Chapman
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Hollow House is Chapman’s first novel. It promises much, and it delivers on its promises. Traditional yet unconventional, familiar in details yet eerily different and twisted, it does something entirely different with the Bad House...and makes it much Worse.
— Michael R. Collings, Collings Notes