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Ian Welke grew up in the library in Long Beach, California. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in History from California State University, Long Beach, he worked in the computer games industry for fifteen years where he was lucky enough to work at Blizzard Entertainment and at Runic Games in Seattle. While living in Seattle he sold his first short story, a space-western, written mainly because he was depressed that Firefly had been canceled. Following the insane notion that life is short and he should do what he wants most, he moved back to southern California and started writing full time. Ian’s short fiction has appeared in Big Pulp, the American Nightmare anthology, and the 18 Wheels of Horror anthology, amongst other places. His novels, The Whisperer in Dissonance (2014) and the Bram Stoker Award Nominated End Times at Ridgemont High (2015) were both published by Omnium Gatherum Media.




Four Corners by Ian Welke

Martin Keuper must help his oldest friend, Kevin Chung, with the archaeological find of the century. As they uncover layer upon layer they discover a conspiracy running through all of known time, one that still exists and endangers them in the present. Can they piece the clues together in time to save humanity? Can they deal with the immediate danger to themselves? How does one cope with an enemy that spans eons?

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