In the Light is a fitting final chapter to a work of great power and authority, and I can’t wait to see what Miskowski produces next.
— Peter Tennant, Black Static 43

While fleeing from neighborhood bullies, a lonely girl uncovers a dark secret buried near the abandoned ruins of a house mired in local legend. Ruth hopes the charred remains that she unearths will bring a bit of magic to her life, but she's no match for the force that dwells in this place, waiting for a chance to live again.

A displaced child neglected by affluent parents and a former preacher burdened by the tragic and scandalous circumstances of his mother's death face a final reckoning at the hands of a woman with the power to summon good and evil.

In the Light is the final book of the Skillute Cycle, a chronicle of one fictional town and an abiding horror that lies just beneath the surface. In the woods. In the water. Beneath the ground. The time has arrived. Something evil has come home.

About S.P. Miskowski

The tension and fear is built up with small details, each innocent in itself but together evoking a sense of forces beyond the character’s control...
— James Everington, This Is Horror
Atmosphere is key here, and the ability to make great use of unreliable narration helps keep the reader constantly on edge.
— Rob Russin, Geeks Out
A wonderful and fitting end to the Skillute Cycle, though it’s a shame to say goodbye. Full of beauty and life and dark magic, the Skillute books are a joy to read.
— Alison Littlewood, author of THE UNQUIET HOUSE