Whatever your flavor of danger, O’Neill delivers in Lethal Birds with his striking prose and haunting characters. This collection takes you on an unforgettable journey to extraordinary places like the muggy brush of Malaysian jungles, the icy night of war-torn Waziristan, and the heart-rending chaos of 1962 Vietnam. So whether your favorite bird is a Black Hawk helicopter or a Great Blue Heron, these stories are sure to darken your dreams for years to come.
— Maria Alexander, author of Mr. Wicker and Snowed

Lethal Birds is a collection of five memorable stories from award winning author Gene O'Neill. It includes a novella that kicks off the beginning of his new novel The White Plague, the Bram Stoker Award ® winning novella The Blue Heron and  Bram Stoker Award ® nominated novella Rusting Chickens. Operation Rhinoceros set in Borneo where Gene spent some time avoiding local delicacy the Sago palm tree grubs, available raw or roasted, and supposedly sweet and as tasty as prawns, rounds out the collection. The idea for the book occurred to Gene at a birthday party for his grandson, T.J. His mother made a birthday cake per his instructions, of the popular game, Angry Birds. Gene looked at that cake and remembered some of his best stories included or had birds in the titles and so Lethal Birds was conceived.

About the Author

Never before has a story drawn me in so quickly, or connected me to a character that fast. Gene O’Neill is a master at instilling empathy and interest for his characters without wasting a word.
— Joe Mynhardt, Crystal Lake Publishing