Omnium Gatherum is Excited to Welcome Eddie Generous!

Welcome Eddie Generous! His novella Plantation Pan is scheduled for release January 2020.

Eddie Generous

Eddie Generous is the author of several books, including Trouble at Camp Still Waters (novella, 2019), Great Big Teeth (novella, 2019), Radio Run (novel, 2018), and more. He is the founder/editor/publisher/artist behind Unnerving and Unnerving Magazine, and the host of the Unnerving Podcast. He lives on the Pacific Coast of Canada with his wife and their cat overlords.

Plantation Pan January 2020

Welcome New Editors!

Omnium Gatherum is thrilled to welcome two new editors! We’re looking forward to a new slate of wonderful stories. Danielle will be announcing her slate for 2020 soon and Sean will be working with E.F. Schraeder on Ghastly Tales of Gaiety & Greed: Unauthorized & Haunted Cedar Point . Welcome!!!!

Danielle Keheaku

Danielle Keheaku

Sean Patrick Traver

Sean Patrick Traver

Sean and Danielle are also talented authors. Make sure to click on their photos and take a look at their books.

Welcome E.F. Schraeder!

Omnium Gatherum is thrilled to welcome author E.F. Schraeder! E.F. will be working with editor Sean Patrick Traver. Ghastly Tales of Gaiety and Greed will be release in Jan 2020. Welcome aboard!


Ethicist, poet, and speculative fiction writer E.F. Schraeder studied applied ethics in graduate school and holds an interdisciplinary Ph.d. in Social Philosophy. The author of two poetry chapbooks, Schraeder’s fiction, non-fiction, and poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. Dr. Schraeder serves as contributing editor at an animal
advocacy webcomic, and is online at Schraeder’s projects often explore moral luck, power, and vulnerability.

Ghastly Tales of Gaiety and Greed Jan 2020

Rat Catcher Episode 4 Release Day is Here!



Old Tom’s student is advancing fast, and her curiosity is outgrowing the secret garden in the LA suburbs that they call home. With increasing frequency they take to the streets, seeking out local ghosts and other small creatures and learning what they can. But when the rat population in the area begins to mysteriously dry up, cat and girl follow the clues back to a derelict bank building in the formerly-fashionable heart of the San Fernando Valley. Tom doesn’t believe in vampires—not after a lifetime of practicing magic and a century spent as a ghost—but if the rumors they’ve heard are true, could there possibly be a blood drinker hiding somewhere inside that abandoned building?

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Rat Catcher Episode 4 of Bruja Chica Education of a witch is available today! Don’t miss the latest installment from author Sean Patrick Traver. The adventure continues.

The story so far:

Episode 1 The Fat Lady Sings

Episode 2 Secret Garden

Episode 3 Happy Dave


Welcome Alessandro Manzetti!

Alessandro Manzetti.jpg

Omnium Gatherum is thrilled to welcome Alessandro Manzetti! He will be working with editor Lee Murray on The Keeper of Chernobyl to be released in 2019.

About the Author

Alessandro Manzetti (Rome, Italy) is a Bram Stoker Award-winning (and 7-time nominee) author and editor of horror fiction and dark poetry.

 English publications include his novels Shanti - The Sadist Heaven (2019) and Naraka - The Ultimate Human Breeding (2018), the story collections The Garden of Delight (2017), the poetry collections War (2018, with Marge Simon), No Mercy (2017), Sacrificial Nights (2016, with Bruce Boston) Eden Underground (2015), Venus Intervention (2014, with Corrine de Winter), and the graphic novel Calcutta Horror (2019).


His stories and poems have appeared many times in Italian, USA, and UK magazines and anthologies.

He edited the anthologies The Beauty of Death (2016), The Beauty of Death Vol. 2 - Death by Water (2017, with Jodi Renee Lester) and Monsters of Any Kind (2018, with Daniele Bonfanti).


The Monsters Are Due In Madison Square Garden

“She was lifeless, the skin flawless all over her body, just the way I’d imagined it. Or it would have been, but for the six-pointed star-shaped holes all over it where these skin-shapes had been teased away— Stars of David. Oh, and then there was the missing head.”

She was lifeless.jpg
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In Extremis Release Day is Here!

Congratulations to Danielle Kaheaku on the release of In Extremis. In honor of release day, print copies of In Extremis are just $10.99! Today only.

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Cole made a deal with Death, and it turns out he got the short end of the stick. Andbeing stuck in the small dusty town mucking stalls as he waits for instructions has a way of testing the Reaper’s three speeds: on, off, and don’t push your luck.

Catherine Blake is a head-strong woman in charge of her family’s failing farm and raising her two younger brothers. She’s beautiful, cynical, and not about to let the blood-thirsty mayor and his posse of black-eyed demons trying to make room for the incoming railroad get her off her ancestral land.

Cole just can’t keep his eyes off Catherine, and his heart—which he hasn’t felt beat in years—aches whenever he’s away from her warm skin. Cole knows it’s wrong to feel anything for her, or for the two brothers she cares for, but he loves how she makes him feel... almost human again. He knows he has a job to do, but those demons are inching in on their farm, and he thinks he might just have to break the rules and intervene—come hell or high water—to keep those kids safe.

Besides, what’s Death going to do? Send him to hell? 

His soul’s already there.

Throwback by Lynn Hortel Release Day is Here!

Congratulations to Lynn Hortel on the release

of her debut novel Throwback.

Throwback by Lynn Hortel is an intense supernatural thriller with strong characterization and an evocative southwestern setting—a hard-edged, brutal nightmare for the #metoo generation.
— Tim Waggoner
Hortel’s Throwback is a heartbreaking litany of pain that seems almost devoid of hope—but, like The Haunting of Hill House, suggests there is power in facing the tormenting ghosts of the past. A searing, assured debut.
— Aaron Sterns, Co-writer Wolf Creek 2, Author Wolf Creek: Origin
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Nine-year-old Jordyn used to hear her dead grandma talk. She used to go on flying dreams too, so high that she could see Earth from space. But when her father murders her mom and brother, child protective services place her in the care of Mr. Payne. She escapes six long years later—but not before she forgets how to fly.

Life takes a turn for the better. She gets a job at the Pink Pig Diner, saves her tips, and buys a house in the desert, a little fixer-upper. She even falls in love with the cook, a veteran, who understands the nightmares. Her crazy dad’s in prison, Mr. Payne is dead, and she survived it all. Besides the bad dreams, she’s never been happier.

That is, until a park ranger kidnaps her and holds her captive on his off-the-grid property. But that’s not the worst part. Because if the ranger murders her, Mr. Payne is waiting on the other side to keep her close forever…

Netherkind Release Day is Here!

Congratulations to Greg Chapman on the release of Netherkind! Ebooks and paperbacks are available on the Omnium Gatherum website and Amazon.

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Thomas is no ordinary man. To live, he must devour human flesh. His habitual existence is one of killing and feeding and taking on the physical characteristics of his victims.

Thomas tries to fit in with the rest of humanity, but when his beautiful neighbor, Stephanie deceives him and turns out to be a monster just like him, he decides to discover his heritage and take revenge. Little does he know that there are many other "Fleshers" out there hiding in the shadows of the world and they are at war with each other.

Release Day is Here for Happy Dave Episode 3!

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Episode 3 is here!

Ghost and girl have found a place to stay, a secret haven in a forgotten garden where she can practice her newfound skills. A bomb shelter built decades ago makes for a cozy underground home; untended fruit and nut trees provide a bit of nourishment; and the natural elements are ready to share their primal secrets. But the realworld remains right outside the fence, and old Tom knows they’ll have to make some accommodation with it. How can his girl keep one foot in the realm of ordinary events and the other in the numinous world of witchcraft?