Fortune: Lost and Found

Cover Fortune: Lost and FoundCapital, cash, gold, lucre — money makes the world go round. But fortunes easily gained are often painfully lost. Since the very first king pressed his face onto the very first coin no single thing has led so many to ruin. Fortune, it seems, has a dark side and a wickedly evil sense of humor. Curses, plagues and misfortunes rain down on those who dare to tip the scales in their own favor. Fortunes, Lost and Found edited by L.S. Murphy and Kate Jonez is a collection of tales about  money and wealth and the potentially horrifying consequences of gaining or losing it. Stories of cursed Pharaoh's tombs, haunted pirate ships, rare and valuable trinkets found in forgotten places are examples of the type of story we’d like to see. But acquiring a fortune, much like making a deal with the devil, is tricky business often with unexpected consequences. Surprise us with your stories. Submit horror / dark fantasy stories between 2,000 and 5,000 words in .doc format to The deadline is May 30th 2012. We'll consider reprints, but please mention where and when the story first appeared in the cover letter. Payment will be made 6 months from publication. Each contributor will receive an equal portion of royalties earned during the 6 month period and one paperback copy of the anthology.