Roads and Crosses Book Two of The Wolf House Series Available Today!

The second edition of Roads and Crosses, Book Two in the Wolf House series is available today with a bonus short story Protege and artwork from fans of the series. About Roads and Crosses

The second book in Mary Borsellino's Wolf House series, Roads and Crosses follows two of the vampire hunters as they navigate the aftermath of the shattering events of Origins and Overtures. Already prone to anger and self-doubt, Lily's fight has become a fight against her own dark thoughts just as much as it’s a fight against the vampire gangs. And Will's clinical, detached approach to vampire hunting has always helped him in the past, but now it threatens to cut him off from his emotions and his friends completely. And if they can't save themselves, what good are they to Jay, Rose, and Bette?

About the Author

Mary writes fiction, pop-culture analysis, comics and music journalism, and whatever else comes out of her head. She also reads like it's going out of style, makes jewellery, goes to as many rock shows as she can, watches a lot of horror movies, says tasteless things in public situations, and finds every excuse she can to travel.

She can usually be found in Melbourne, Australia, where she works as Editor of the journal Australian Philanthropy.

Roads and Crosses is available on Amazon in print and ebook. And on in print and ebook.

Paperback copies are also available from Omnium Gatherum for $13.99.