At Last! Vampsov 1938: A Spectre Haunting Europe is Here!

Moscow 1938: Stalin wants all vampires dead. The GUGB (predecessors of the notorious KGB secret police) have identified their threat as a significant danger to the security of the Soviet Union. Vampires are a walking embodiment of fascist values; lovers of blood, soil, hierarchy and inherited privilege. In short, true enemies of Communism.

GUGB appoints Captain Ludmilla Vatinashkaya to lead VAMPSOV, a covert unit charged with destroying the vampire threat and protecting the fledgling Soviet state. Her mission leads her to confront the most notorious vampire of them all, deep within his Transylvanian stronghold.

Vampsov 1938 is the tale of the battle between vampires and Bolsheviks, a precursor to a world conflict that looms ever closer and has the power to destroy them both.