The Chuggie and the Fish Freaks of Farheath Available Today

Ebook $2.99

On a cold winter night in 2014, Brent Michael Kelley awoke in the crawlspace with an itch in the back of his brain. After many hours in his Reptilian Reversion Chamber (patent pending), he emerged with a brand new Chuggie story. The collective psychic demand of his fans for more Chuggie prompted him to shrug off all other responsibilities and write the tale without delay.

Kelley had this to say: “Chuggie and the Prisoner Gods is a little ways off, currently scheduled for September. I haven’t slept in nine days. It’ll be well worth the wait, but the masses are clamoring for something to Chug until then. Well, here’s a swig to help hold them over. I’m tired, but I can hear colors now. The story also has a few illustrations included. My lovely wife Keri was a big help in getting those looking sharp. Without sleep, I have learned that each cloud has a name, and each name means madness. I think people are going to enjoy this little story. Also, folks who haven’t read Chuggie before can get a taste of what they’ve been missing. I hope you guys like it!”


Chuggie, the permanently intoxicated embodiment of Drought, has run into a bit of trouble in the city of Farheath Harbor. He is on trial for crimes he didn’t commit, and a guilty verdict means his execution. What happened down at the Farheath Docks? Is Chuggie too drunk to defend himself in such a trial? Will he be able to defeat his executioner in the ultimate battle of wits? Find out in Chuggie and the Fish Freaks of Farheath!