The Devil's Mixtape Bonus Story and Illustrations

The new edition of The Devil's Mixtape by Mary Borsellino features a bonus story, a beautiful new cover and stunning fan art and illustrations. If you haven't read this book, now is the time!


Reviewers say:

"Even though the book is classed horror, for me it was immensely satisfying in a way most horror - being horrible - isn’t. The worst has happened to these characters, and some of them have done things that are unforgivable, but they have a chance to do some good now, and to be comforted and happy, even if it’s not in a conventional way. Their deeds are not forgiven, but there is a challenge here to extend compassion even to those who have shown none. More than anything else, though, the novel challenges you to stand up for yourself." (full review)

"Every now and then, something comes along on your dash that opens your eyes and makes you question assumptions you didn’t even realize you were making." (full review)

"The Devil's Mixtape is full of families and siblings torn apart by sickness, violence and death; and full of people forging new families for themselves in the aftermath. The characters are frayed, sometimes broken. They are all terribly flawed and tragically human - even (or especially) the monsters." (full review)