Post a Review Win a Prize

By David Gerrold, Kevin Wetmore, Eric J. Guignard, Janet Joyce Holden, Robin Reed, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Robert Payne Cabeen, Hal Bodner, Tracy L. Carbone, Xach Fromson

Win a prize for posting an honest review of Winter Horror Days!

The first 10 readers to post a review to Amazon and/or Goodreads will receive a randomly chosen prize from this exciting prize pool.  To enter send a link to your review to

1. 1 - Signed limited edition print Krampus by Robert Payne Cabeen

2. 5 - signed copies of  issue #1 of The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade by David Blake Lucarelli

3.  1 - signed copy of Harrowgate by Kate Maruyama

4. 1 - trade paperback of your choice from the Omnium Gatherum catalog

5. 1 - plush monster made by Janet Joyce Holden

6. 1 - signed copy of Graves' End by Sean Patrick Traver