Welcome Tim Jeffreys and Martin Greaves!

We are happy to announce that Omnium Gatherum will be publishing Voids by Tim Jeffreys and Martin Greaves in Feb of 2016. Welcome!

Tim Jeffreys is the author of five collections of short stories, the most recent being 'From Elsewhere’, and a couple of novellas, ‘The Haunted Grove’ and ‘The Foundering’.  His short fiction has been published in various international anthologies and magazines too numerous to name.  He also edits and compiles the Dark Lane Anthologies where he gets to publish talented writers from all over the world.  In his own work he incorporates elements of horror, fantasy, absurdist humour, science-fiction and anything else he wants to toss into the pot to create his own brand of weird fiction.   Tim is also a talented artist and gained a university honours degree in Graphic Arts and Design in 2000.

Originally from Oldham, UK, Tim moved ‘down south’ over a decade ago and now lives in Bristol with his partner Isabel and two half-Spanish daughters.  He remains a northerner at heart, misses the rain, and, like most other writers he knows, dreams of one day giving up the day job.  Visit him online at www.timjeffreys.blogspot.co.uk.

Martin Greaves was born in 1965 in Royton, a small town in the suburbs of Manchester, England. After drifting through a number of mundane office jobs, he quit and studied illustration at Manchester University. After graduating, he retreated to a life that existed almost entirely inside his head, doodling strange pictures for his own pleasure and embarking on writing projects that were created solely for his personal entertainment. It is only recently that he has decided to release various examples of his written work into this chaotic world, like someone launching tiny sailboats out onto the roiling oceans.