Angels of the Silences Release Day is Here!

Release day is here at last for Angels of the Silences by Simon Bestwick. 

Emily and Biff are seventeen and best friends. They have been dead for nine months...

“What drives the narrative though is the personality of the two leads, different enough to be interesting, but at the same time with enough in common to be representative of their age group. They have the usual concerns of seventeen year old girls – interest in boys and sex, alcohol and partying, being out with their mates and the fear of what the future may bring – with some eminently believable and engaging dialogue to bring it all to life on the page.”

— Pete Tennant, Black Static

“In this powerful and beautifully written novella, Simon Bestwick unerringly assumes the voice of seventeen-year-old Ems, a narrator whose voice ranges from fragile to furious. By turns stark and elegiac, Angels of the Silences is part devastating tale of an all-too-human evil and the secret lives of teenage girls, but it’s also a story of transcendence, the unassailable bonds of friendship, and the light that can sometimes survive even the darkest places.”

— Lynda Rucker, author of The Moon Will Look Strange

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