The Winners of the Beatrysel Holiday Giveaway!

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Unsatisfied with the ancient grimoires, the Magus made his own. Unsatisfied with the ancient demons, the Magus made Beatrysel. She was a creature of love, but there is no love without hate, no light without darkness, no loyalty without betrayal.

And demons covet flesh.

Johnny Worthen's novel BEATRYSEL is a modern Faust tale set in the American Northwest where the cold winter rain melts the barriers between what is real and what is more real.

BEATRYSEL is a terrifying journey through modern metaphysics, High Magic and ancient religions where secret dreams turn to nightmares when Will becomes Form. Power-hungry magicians, serial killers and scorned lovers must contend with the power of the most beautiful and dangerous Magick in creation— for Beatrysel is a creature of love.

Beatrysel is still on sale for just $9.99 for a little while longer.

Thank you to everyone for entering the contest and spreading the word about Beatrysel.

The winners of the Beatrysel paperback are:

Massimo Carlone

Karen Donovan

Andrea Philips 

Winners of the Beatrysel refrigerator magnet:

Khoo Wei Lip

Lindsay Scholes Blowers

Chris Carroll