Bonsai Babies by Mary Turzillo Sept. 25 2016

Omnium Gatherum is thrilled to announce the publication of Bonsai Babies by Mary Turzillo.  

September 25th 2016

A little sample of what you'll find in Bonsai Babies:

• a man screws his wife after she has turned into a carnivorous dinosaur

• a knight becomes a dragon's sex slave

• the bandit-queen Phoolan Devi is reincarnated in a vindaloo

 a child prodigy is trapped in the Mandelbrot set

• a woman spurned after a mastectomy is revenged by a ghost with an electric drill

• a baseball-playing squid two-times his human girlfriend

About the Author

Mary Turzillo's 1999 Nebula-winner,"Mars Is no Place for Children" and her Analog novelAn Old-Fashioned Martian Girl, are read on the International Space Station.  Her fiction publication credits range from Asimov'sInterzone, Analog, F&SF, Weird Tales, to many small press zines and anthologies, including ones edited by Ellen Datlow, Charles Sheffield, Stephen Jones and Jane Yolen. She also has a work-for-hire novelette set in the world of Philip José Farmer's Image of the Beast.  Her poetry collection, Lovers & Killers, won the 2013 Elgin Award. She has been a finalist on the British Science Fiction Association, Pushcart, Stoker, Dwarf Stars and Rhysling ballots. Sweet Poison, her Dark Renaissance collaboration with Marge Simon, was a Stoker finalist and won the 2015 Elgin Award.  Her novel Mars Girls, will be coming out in 2017 from Apex.