Occasional Beasts: Tales Ebook Sale

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Occasional Beasts: Tales
By John Claude Smith

Occasional Beasts: Tales features fourteen stories, four never before published, exploring the landscape of love and transformation, of desire and damnation, of unleashing the beast within, or encountering the beast of another made flesh, including gods made monsters in the eyes of deranged acolytes, and even the unflinching revelation of one’s true self, be it beastly, otherworldly, or the most horrific beast of all: Man.

We are all Occasional Beasts…

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 Pete Giglio says, “If you enjoy the muscular prose of Chuck Palahniuk half as much as I do, you’re gonna love S.S. Michaels' Revival House. The humor is sly, the terror palpable, and while the story is dark and bizarre, it’s also meaningful in a way that eludes lesser scribes of the strange. Michaels is a revelation, a breath of fresh air, and Revival House is a winner!”

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Punk is dead and it has fangs. The Wolf House is a series of five novels for teen and adult readers. They were described by Melbourne's Age newspaper as "rock'n'roll, sex, tattoos, feminism, bisexuality and a sense of what teens really are about", which isn't a bad overview but fails to mention the kitten named Bikini Kill or that the books are full of elegant and ridiculous vampires.