Last Girl Book Five in the Wolf House Series Available Today

The second edition of Fire Proof Heart, Book Four in the Wolf House series includes a bonus sample of The Devil's Mixtape and artwork from fans of the series. About Last Girl

In horror movies, the last girl is the one who triumphs where others have failed. Michelle sometimes feels like she's the last completely human person left in the city. Of course, life is nothing like the movies, in real life, there's no guarantee that anybody is going to make it to morning still alive.

Alexander is a born survivor. But what if the reward for surviving for centuries is nothing but an endless chance to lose everything over and over again?

When all's said and done, is being the last girl a blessing or a curse?

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Death to the Brothers Grimm Available Today!

Cover for Death to the Brothers GrimmFairy tales have been passed down in one form or another for countless generations. They are often our first introduction to that boundless realm we call imagination. Deep within these old stories lies the seeds of our most elemental fears. Death to the Brothers Grimm is a collection of ten re-imagined fairy tales that revels in those dark and hidden horrors. This anthology features works of bizarre fantasy from Bram Stoker Award nominees Jeremy C. Shipp and John Edward Lawson, Wonderland Award-nominee Eckhard Gerdes, and the twisted visions of Crysa Leflar, Jessica McHugh, Kirk Jones, M.L. Roos, Lee Widener, Garrett Cook, and Jess Gulbranson. Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

Fire Proof Heart Book 4 of The Wolf House Series Available Today!

Fire Proof Heart is the story of two vampires, very different from one another: Blake, the capricious, charming leader of the most powerful vampire pack in the city, and Ash, the broken debutante gripped by a bloodlust she can’t control. It may be that there isn’t love enough left in the world to save them from themselves, now that Cora’s thought up a brand new game of revenge.

Available on Amazon in print and ebook. And on Amazon UK in print and ebook.

Or purchase directly from Omnium Gatherum for $13.99 plus shipping.

Idols & Cons 99 Cents for a Limited Time!

Cover for Idols & ConsJake Wolfram is the biggest, slickest, sickest pop star of our time. Drug-dealing voyeuristic punk, Jake, is yanked from poverty and into the white-hot spotlight after witnessing a crime committed by his neighbor, Damien Tungsten, front man for the boy band, In Dreams. Jake lives life on the run, hiding in the limelight, and resenting every single minute of it. He’s relentlessly pursued by his former friend, psychopathic visual artist, Patrick Salinger, who coerces Jake into helping him turn a grisly murder into a masterpiece. Seizing control of the power he craves, Jake disposes of Damien, confronts Patrick, and lives a bad-boy rock-and-roll lifestyle as he hijacks Damien's super-stardom. But Damien's not quite ready to let it go.

Knock Knock

Congratulations S.P. Miskowski. The list for the 2011 Shirley Jackson awards was announced today and Knock Knock was nominated in the novel category.  About the Awards (from the Shirley Jackson Awards Website)

Boston, MA (April 2012) -- In recognition of the legacy of Shirley Jackson’s writing, and with permission of the author’s estate, The Shirley Jackson Awards, Inc. has been established for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic.

The Shirley Jackson Awards are voted upon by a jury of professional writers, editors, critics, and academics, with input from a Board of Advisors.  The awards are given for the best work published in the preceding calendar year in the following categories:  Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story, Single-Author Collection, and Edited Anthology.


Excerpt from The Devil's Mixtape

Cover for The Devil's MixtapeELLA Dear Natasha,

I apologize for saying you're too young to read Vonnegut. When I stopped to think about it, when I remembered how you're older than I ever was, I realized how dumb I sounded in warning you away from it as being too grown-up.

You don't even go by Nattie anymore — the fact I haven't been able to bring myself to say 'Dear Tash' can tell you at least a little about how hard it is for me to reconcile my perception of you with the truth. In my heart you're still little Nattie, fat and laughing-eyed, with your dolls and plastic trucks. I can't think of you as an adult.

I'm not the first to write from this place. C.S Lewis wrote the Screwtape Letters — which is fiction, but still — and Jack the Ripper said that the messages he sent the police 'from Hell.' So there must be some kind of postal service here, even if that postal service is unreliable and partly made from fiction. Maybe you'll read these words one day after all.

I could tell you about the people I know, I guess. 'People' is a kind of relative term; a lot of those I love the best are monsters, metaphorical and otherwise. Chris and Dean are still around of course — I couldn't get rid of those two even if I wanted to. The three of us, when we aren't in human form, sometimes fuse into a kind of three-headed hydra, a many-limbed spider with a trio of grinning, bloodied mouths. We scuttle down school hallways in the nightmares of parents, leaving gleaming leech-trails of gore across linoleum.

Jo's rarely anything but person-shaped, even when she's here. People get weird about their scars like that, as if the very fact that they're hard-won and painful in the gaining makes them valuable somehow. The scars become a badge, a mark of what the wearer has gone through. She doesn't want to give them up in favor of a prettier shape.

I feel like I should write about Jo since she's the one you're closest with, the one who matters most in your life. But I don't know her very well. She doesn't like me. She thinks my death was stupid.

To tell the truth, most of the time I feel the very same way. These days being dead is tedious, even for famous wicked souls. I envy all the kids who've grown up beyond the age where I stopped. But it gets my hackles up when Jo insults me. She's so self-righteous. That's why she's always so clipped when she talks — it's like nobody is properly worthy of her attention for more than the minimum amount of time.

The friends I do have are Nicolas and Sam, Chris and Dean. I always got along better with boys than girls. I like it when I hang out with Vivi, but I don't think either of us would ever say that we were friends. We both hate people far too much to open up like that.

The winds are too hot and the view too variable for me to have a window in my quarters. I live alone. I've always liked my space. A poet once said that no man is an island, but I've come pretty close in my time in the world and out of it.

No windows, and strong locks on the door. Hell is other people (a poet said that, too — more pretty words I want to defy). Nobody sleeps here, and I get bored a lot, but there are books to read and always music. It isn't so bad.



About The Devil's Mixtape

In 1999, Ella arrives at her Denver school with a cache of weapons and a plan to use them. Years later, from a hell different than she ever imagined, she recounts tales of other violent women in a series of letters to a little sister forced to grow up in the shadow of the Cobweb massacre.

In 1952, Sally and Amy, a strange girl with a secret, run away to hitch-hike around Australia. They navigate a landscape scarred by old memories and tragedy as they search for a safe place that feels like home.

In 2011, Charlotte, a music journalist on tour with a band, uncovers stories of loss and hope.

Demons, fallen soldiers, hunters, rock and roll stars are among the cast of characters thrown together into a web of legacies and second chances. The result could never be anything but The Devil’s Mixtape by Mary Borsellino

Fortune: Lost and Found

Cover Fortune: Lost and FoundCapital, cash, gold, lucre — money makes the world go round. But fortunes easily gained are often painfully lost. Since the very first king pressed his face onto the very first coin no single thing has led so many to ruin. Fortune, it seems, has a dark side and a wickedly evil sense of humor. Curses, plagues and misfortunes rain down on those who dare to tip the scales in their own favor. Fortunes, Lost and Found edited by L.S. Murphy and Kate Jonez is a collection of tales about  money and wealth and the potentially horrifying consequences of gaining or losing it. Stories of cursed Pharaoh's tombs, haunted pirate ships, rare and valuable trinkets found in forgotten places are examples of the type of story we’d like to see. But acquiring a fortune, much like making a deal with the devil, is tricky business often with unexpected consequences. Surprise us with your stories. Submit horror / dark fantasy stories between 2,000 and 5,000 words in .doc format to The deadline is May 30th 2012. We'll consider reprints, but please mention where and when the story first appeared in the cover letter. Payment will be made 6 months from publication. Each contributor will receive an equal portion of royalties earned during the 6 month period and one paperback copy of the anthology.

One Day Only The Devil's Mixtape Free for Kindle

Cover for The Devil's MixtapeWednesday Jan. 11 The Devil's Mixtape is free for Kindle and half price for paperback. Go to Amazon for the free ebook. Or purchase the paperback

In 1999, Ella was one of three students who arrived at her Denver school with a cache of weapons and a plan to use them. Years later, she sifts through accounts of other violent young women, writing letters to a little sister who had to grow up in the aftermath of that day.

In 1952, Sally was a runaway, hitch-hiking around Australia with a strange, secretive girl named Amy. Each outcasts in their own way, the pair navigate a landscape scarred by old memories and tragedies, searching for a place that will feel like safety and home.

And in 2011, Charlotte was a music journalist on tour with a band, listening to their stories of loss and hope. Though they are in very different times and places, the three are linked by a web of legacies and second chances.

Demons, fallen soldiers, hunters, rock & roll stars, and high-school heartbreaks are all thrown together. The result could never be anything but the Devil's mixtape.