Club Cloud and Queen Release Day is Here!

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Congratulations to Victor O’Neil on the release of Club Cloud and Queen!

Jed struggles to survive a dystopian hellscape where the only connection he has left with humanity is soul-crushing work and bad breakups. Vodka soaked nights bleed into sunless, gunmetal-grey colored days. So when a snake comes out of the ceiling fan one night offering a chance to escape and become a god, taking the deal is a no-brainer.

Thrust into the heavens above, Jed becomes a breakout performance artist and high level executive in the family spirit-milking business. But his mother, Queen Evelyn, has a serious substance abuse problem and the Queendom lives in fear of her aggressive mood swings. Add an accidental bun in a mortal woman’s oven, and what you get is a recipe for interdimensional cataclysm. The Devil is always in the details.

Jed can go with the flow and let the good times roll, or he can save the day and throw momma from the train. The fate of his unborn child and what’s left of humanity rest in his cigarette stained fingers.