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Cole made a deal with Death, and it turns out he got the short end of the stick. Andbeing stuck in the small dusty town mucking stalls as he waits for instructions has a way of testing the Reaper’s three speeds: on, off, and don’t push your luck.

Catherine Blake is a head-strong woman in charge of her family’s failing farm and raising her two younger brothers. She’s beautiful, cynical, and not about to let the blood-thirsty mayor and his posse of black-eyed demons trying to make room for the incoming railroad get her off her ancestral land.

Cole just can’t keep his eyes off Catherine, and his heart—which he hasn’t felt beat in years—aches whenever he’s away from her warm skin. Cole knows it’s wrong to feel anything for her, or for the two brothers she cares for, but he loves how she makes him feel... almost human again. He knows he has a job to do, but those demons are inching in on their farm, and he thinks he might just have to break the rules and intervene—come hell or high water—to keep those kids safe.

Besides, what’s Death going to do? Send him to hell? 

His soul’s already there.

Welcome Danielle Kaheaku!

Omnium Gatherum is excited to welcome Danielle Kaheaku! In Extremis available May 2019. Welcome!

Danielle Kaheaku

Danielle Kaheaku

An award-winning ghostwriter and editor, Danielle Kaheaku has worked in the entertainment industry for the past twelve years. She has active memberships in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, the international Horror Writers Association, and the Romance Writers Association Published Author Network. An adjunct English professor at a local university, she is the co-founder and Training Director for the San Diego HWA Chapter and volunteers as a mentor within the main HWA.

She has a BA in English, an MA in English and Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction and is at the beginning stages of her PhD journey. She has published several short stories, four anthologies, five novels, and two produced screenplays. Her projects have won multiple screen and literary awards including two Foreword Book of the Years (2009, 2008), Gold at the International Independent Film Awards (2018), Gold at the California Film Awards (2017), Silver in the International Independent Film Awards (2016), Award of Merit at the New Renaissance Film Festival in London (2016), Hollywood Screenings Film Festival Semi-Finalist (2016), and Best Experimental Short at the Chandler International Film Festival (2016).

Prior to focusing on fiction, Danielle worked as an editor and GIS analyst for an archaeological consulting firm and has past experience editing and reporting in a daily newsroom.