Release Day is Here! The Indifference of Heaven by Michael Allen Rose

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Release day is finally here for The Indifference of Heaven from Michael Allen Rose.

Get a copy on Amazon in print for $11.99 or ebook for $2.99

The Indifference of Heaven
By Michael Allen Rose
The Indifference of Heaven
By Michael Allen Rose
The Indifference of Heaven creeps its way under your skin, and before you even realize what’s happening, it’s holding you hostage in its wonderfully weird tendrils, with no intention of letting go you until the last page is done.
— Danger Slater, Author of He Digs A Hole
Haunting, feels like a nightmare, images I can’t shake. Genuinely creepy and disturbing. Now written on every stall I walk into: ‘For a creepy read call: Michael Allen Rose.’
— Laura Lee Bahr, Author of Haunt and Long-Form Religious Porn
We all rely on the reliable to generate some measure of security. Doing so helps us focus on the task at hand, clinging to the illusion that our comforting ruts won’t vanish beneath us. In The Indifference of Heaven, Michael Allen Rose delves into the mind of a man whose trustworthy world suddenly proves no longer worthy of trust. Rose’s skills at scene setting, selecting just the right narrative detail, and depicting his hapless bar owner’s devolving insecurity brings us a masterful tale that will long stay with you.
— Robert Devereaux, author of Baby’s First Book of Seriously Fucked-Up Shit

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"The best test is always a quest."

On her way home from school, Thirteen-year-old Lucy Gayle meets a wizard who coerces her to undertake a mysterious quest to save magic. As she travels through a strangely familiar storybook landscape she uncovers clues that lead her to question whether the worlds she travels are reality, a hallucination or the creation of an unknown author. To find the answer, Lucy must pass three trials – one of courage, one of compassion and one of logic. Only then she can finally choose what it is she believes.

Knock Knock and Delphine Dodd Sale Today


Today only the ebook versions of Knock Knock, the novel from which all the stories spring, and Delphine Dodd, the first novella in the series, are available for reduced prices.

The second novella in the Knock Knock series, Astoria, is coming soon.

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