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All five books in The Wolf House Series are now available. Purchase all five ebooks or trade paperbacks and receive a 30% discount.

Punk is dead and it has fangs. The Wolf House is a series of five novels for teen and adult readers. They were described by Melbourne's Age newspaper as "rock'n'roll, sex, tattoos, feminism, bisexuality and a sense of what teens really are about", which isn't a bad overview but fails to mention the kitten named Bikini Kill or that the books are full of elegant and ridiculous vampires. 

Origins and Overtures Release Day!

The second edition of Origins and Overtures, Book One in the Wolf House series is available today with a bonus short story Wake and artwork from fans of the series. About Origins and Overtures

Sixteen-year-old Bette loves watching horror movies, seeing local bands play, and hanging out with her best friend Rose.

Jay, a student at Bette and Rose’s school, has done his best to build a new life for himself after the devastating events of his childhood.

When Bette and Jay’s lives crash headlong into the alluring, lethal underworld of the city’s vampires, they’re not afraid, but rather fascinated: could this subculture of hunters and predators, villains and heroes, finally be somewhere that they fit in?

And if it’s not, can they get out alive?

About the Author

Mary writes fiction, pop-culture analysis, comics and music journalism, and whatever else comes out of her head. She also reads like it's going out of style, makes jewellery, goes to as many rock shows as she can, watches a lot of horror movies, says tasteless things in public situations, and finds every excuse she can to travel.

She can usually be found in Melbourne, Australia, where she works as Editor of the journal Australian Philanthropy.

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Origins and Overtures is available on Amazon and on in print and ebook.

Paperback copies are also available from Omnium Gatherum.