Release Day is Here for Ravens and Writing Desks!

Release Day is here for Ravens and Writing Desks: A Metaphysical Fantasy by Chris Meekings! Books are available in print and ebook.

"The best test is always a quest."

On her way home from school, Thirteen-year-old Lucy Gayle meets a wizard who coerces her to undertake a mysterious quest to save magic. As she travels through a strangely familiar storybook landscape she uncovers clues that lead her to question whether the worlds she travels are reality, a hallucination or the creation of an unknown author. To find the answer, Lucy must pass three trials – one of courage, one of compassion and one of logic. Only then she can finally choose what it is she believes.

Editor Johnny Worthen Taking Pitches at World Horror Provo Utah

Omnium Gatherum editor Johnny Worthen will be taking pitches at the World Horror Convention April 28 - May 1 in Provo Utah.

Omnium Gatherum publishes horror, weird fiction and dark fantasy. In the five years of operation, several titles have been nominated for awards. This year two Omnium Gatherum novels are on the short list for the Bram Stoker Award. Congratulations to John Claude Smith (Riding the Centipede) and Ian Welke (End Times at Ridgemont High)

Johnny is looking for novels (50k words) and novellas (20k - 50k words) that twist the conventions of horror, weird fiction or dark fantasy in new and interesting ways. Stories with unexpected settings, main characters not often featured in the genre fiction and stories with supernatural beings other than vampires, werewolves or zombies have the best chance of acceptance. If your story is too quirky, odd or disturbing to share with the folks at your day job Omnium Gatherum might be the publisher for you.

Fortune: Lost and Found Release Day!

Cover Fortune: Lost and FoundCapital, cash, gold, lucre— money makes the world go round. But fortunes easily gained are often painfully lost. Since the very first king pressed his face onto the very first coin no single thing has led so many to ruin. Fortune, it seems, has a dark side and a wickedly evil sense of humor. Curses, plagues and misfortunes rain down on those who dare to tip the scales in their own favor. Fortunes, Lost and Found edited by L.S. Murphy and Kate Jonez is a collection of tales about money and wealth and the potentially horrifying consequences of gaining or losing it. Featuring stories from Brent Michael Kelley, Kurt Fawver, Christian A. Larsen, Phil Hickes, Wednesday Lee Friday, Garrett Cook, Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi, Andrew G. Dombalagian, Lydia Ondrusek, John Jasper Owens, Eric J. Guignard, Andrew M Stockton, and Cory J. Herndon.

Available on Amazon in trade paperback (coming soon) and ebook.

Available on Amazon UK in trade paperback (coming soon) and ebook

Available from Omnium Gatherum in trade paperback for $13.99 plus $3.50 US shipping. (email for international rates)