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Decades after a cataclysmic nuclear war, Ghanaian scientists develop technology that stores consciousness on data orbs called retcons. Seventeen-year-old forensic specialist, Feeni Xo, is a enhuman (a radiation-enhanced metabolic human) that, similar to a vampire, needs blood for sustenance. She decides that she must be infected by a malicious virus in order to learn how a psychopathic genius is able to corrupt the minds of many people with a virus that attacks the consciousness and the body. Through a game called the House of Oware, Feeni discovers that the virtual construct is actually an augmented reality. She and her human best friend, Sammi, a young female detective, have been mysteriously given specialized neural implants that allow them to hack into government software. The two teenagers race against time in a horrific world of deformed beasts to piece together the puzzles of the digital mosaic before they're convicted for the accidental death of a neighbor’s daughter. Will they find a way to save sentient beings from total extinction or will they run out of time?

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