In Meekings’ Ravens and Writing Desks, the world of a brave and intelligent young girl is spun into nightmare and fantasy as riddles, fairy-tales and famous children’s lit characters are turned back-end front and back. Pulled through a mirror into another world and herself shattered, Lucy is forced to endure quest after question through twisted climates like Narnia, Oz, Wonderland and the most terrifying of all, her own neighborhood. Her own mind is the contested space where her Conscience is her cowardly friend and her Intuition her suicidal enemy, and Lucy must ultimately choose which sick and disturbed space is really home. This is an epic tale by Meekings that grapples with the nature of reality, innocence, and how stories shape our identity.
— Laura Lee Bahr, author of Haunt and Long-Form Religious Porn

Ravens and Writing Desks: A Metaphysical Fantasy

"The best test is always a quest."
On her way home from school, Thirteen-year-old Lucy Gayle meets a wizard who coerces her to undertake a mysterious quest to save magic. As she travels through a strangely familiar storybook landscape she uncovers clues that lead her to question whether the worlds she travels are reality, a hallucination or the creation of an unknown author. To find the answer, Lucy must pass three trials – one of courage, one of compassion and one of logic. Only then she can finally choose what it is she believes.

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