Stacy Danielle Stephens

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Stacy Danielle Stephens - is the great-great-niece of Edward Eggleston and the great-granddaughter of a character in Willa Cather's Pulitzer-Prize-winning roman à clef One of Ours. As heiress to two of America's most profoundly groundbreaking literary traditions, she strives to write as Picasso painted, using an ink metaphorically distilled from the blood, sweat, and tears of a great cloud of witnesses seldom interviewed by a more typical author.


For homicide investigator Stefanie Tricarico, an anticipated weekend in South Central Nebraska, to be spent quietly with family on the farm her Bohemian ancestors homesteaded, becomes a remembrance of things past in the worst possible way when she learns that her long-estranged younger brother has become a regional leader of the White Supremacy movement.

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