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Nine-year-old Jordyn used to hear her dead grandma talk. She used to go on flying dreams too, so high that she could see Earth from space. But when her father murders her mom and brother, child protective services place her in the care of Mr. Payne. She escapes six long years later—but not before she forgets how to fly.

Life takes a turn for the better. She gets a job at the Pink Pig Diner, saves her tips, and buys a house in the desert, a little fixer-upper. She even falls in love with the cook, a veteran, who understands the nightmares. Her crazy dad’s in prison, Mr. Payne is dead, and she survived it all. Besides the bad dreams, she’s never been happier.

That is, until a park ranger kidnaps her and holds her captive on his off-the-grid property. But that’s not the worst part. Because if the ranger murders her, Mr. Payne is waiting on the other side to keep her close forever…

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