This is a gritty and tense story that draws you in relentlessly until you become very afraid for Danny Seraphine and what will become of him.
— Rebecca Lloyd, author of Mercy and Other Stories nominated for a World Fantasy Award, 2015

In a future society suffering crippling over-population and food crises, Danny Seraphine works as a Sterilization Agent tracking down men who sire children and then desert them. Caught between a violent faction that wants to kill him and a wife desperate to have a child Danny struggles to understand the meaning of a ghostly void that haunts his days and invades his dreams.

Voids is a compelling and thought-provoking tale of one man walking a tightrope between his personal and professional life.  When the fists start to fly and the betrayals and accusations pile up, will Danny discover what it really takes to be a man?

About the Authors

Voids is one of those stories that fills you with introspection, an absorbing near-future tale exploring poignant issues with grit, acumen, and ass-kickery.
— Eric J. Guignard, winner of the Bram Stoker Award (R) and finalist for the International Thriller Writers Award
Original, tense, and darker than the inside of a Hellhound’s belly. Loved it.
— Stephen McGuiggan, author of A Pig’s View of Heaven
Voids will pull you into its surreal and strangely hypnotic world, where strange happenings rip through the shield of the everyday—where you’ll need to cover your eyes in order for them to see the new bureaucracy intent on stopping the future before it ever happens.
— John Palisano, Bram Stoker nominated author of Nerves and Ghost Heart